Monday, February 25, 2008

moodle learning management system, moodle customisation in adelaide

Moodle Learning Management System

Do you want to offer an online learning system? Moodle is an open source learning management system that is build on a sound educational philosophy and which has a very strong and established Moodle community of educators and developers who provide support for it.

WebCare staff have more than 15 years experience in adult learning environments in Australia - including at university, TAFE and commercial RTOs. We offer Moodle Web Hosting, Moodle Customisation, Moodle Installation, Moodle Configuration, Moodle, Moodle Website, Moodle Set up services in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia. We understand the pedagogical and technical aspects of learning management systems and can provide the following services:

  • Moodle installation
  • Moodle customisation
  • Moodle course design and development (accredited and non-accredited)
  • Moodle web hosting
  • Moodle training.
  • Moodle configuration
  • Moodle setup
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Make Web 2.0 deliver business benefits

It is still early days for the real-world adoption of Web 2.0 technologies and applications to help businesses drive revenues, improve productivity, get closer to customers and reduce costs.
Web 2.0 is already producing leaders - Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Google - but for many organisations, coping with its implications remains a challenge because for the most part, Web 2.0 has been flying underneath the corporate radar.
In an example of Web 2.0 technology reaping real-world benefits, a major airline's flight crew has chosen to use Facebook to manage their schedules, as did management consultancy Capgemini for the co-ordination of a new starters' "onboarding" programme.
By November of 2007, Facebook had acquired 50 million subscribers, with many organisational personnel already signed up, including 17,000 employees from Microsoft, 20,000 from IBM, and 13,000 from Accenture.

Author: David Bicknell
11:52 20 Feb 2008

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SEO: The Power of Your Page Title

  1. According to SEO expert Brad Fallon (of Stompernet fame), one of the most important SEO “on site” factors is using keywords in your page title. This is usually a really easy thing to do (particularly if your website has a WebCare Content Management System back-end).

    The page title is the name that is displayed for every page of your website at the top of your browser window. Brad says that he has researched the impact of changing the words in your page title and it has had a dramatic effect on his rankings. The mportant principle is as follows:

    Use your most important keyword/s first in your title.
    Use your secondary keywords later in your title.
    Don’t just keyword stuff your title - it also needs to have a bit of “filler” in it.
    So, using WebCare’s home page as an example.

    The title used to be:

    WebCare Solutions: Fixed Priced Websites

    What are the keywords here?

    “webcare”, “webcare solutions”, “websites”, “fixed price” - all pretty irrelevant (and thus low quality traffic) keywords!

    What I really want my website to rank highly on is high traffic keywords like “web design” and web site design”.

    So, putting Brad’s research into practice, I have now changed the home page title to:

    Web Design by WebCare - Creative Web Design Services

    This includes the keywords “web design” (which is my best keyword and so it is right at the front of the title) and “web design services”. So there is repetition of the keyword - “web design” as well as an additional keyword phrase “web design services”.

    Of course, you also need to ensure that you use the keywords you want to rank highly for throughout the text on that particular page (the earlier the better and the more prominence given to the keyword the better). Have a look at the webcare home page to see how often we use the words “web design” and the different formatting that we have applied to this keyword (particularly bold).

SEO Ranking Factors: The SEO Experts Have Their Say!

This is the perennial question - which SEO ranking factors have the most impact on your search engine ranking? Or, to put it another way, where should you focus your efforts?
A great site to help you answer this question is SEOmoz. This site brings together 37 SEO experts and asks each of them to rank (no pun intended) the importance of each of the factors that will affect your search engine ranking (particularly on Google). You can then learn from the combined wisdow of these 37 experts - very cool!

You can find the SEO experts views right here.

Without trying to spoil the surprise….here are the 10 Ten SEO Factors as identified by the SEO experts:

Top 10 Positive Factors

Keyword Use in Title Tag
Anchor Text of Inbound Link
Global Link Popularity of Site
Age of Site
Link Popularity within the Site’…
Topical Relevance of Inbound Lin…
Link Popularity of Site in Topic…
Keyword Use in Body Text
Global Link Popularity of Linkin…
Topical Relationship of Linking …

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AAPT: Tell it like it is!

I love AAPT. Really! I have been with Telstra, Optus, DingoBlue, OneTel, Dodo (my worst telco experience EVER!), Vodafone and now AAPT for the past two years - and they really are that good. We use AAPT for landlines and broadband and used to use them for mobile, but have just recently shifted to Virgin Mobile’s Bean Counter plan (which is fabulous too - 10c calls, 10c text and a winner of a Money Award 2007). But why do we love AAPT?
No contracts! I hate being forced to sign up to a deal for 12 or 24 months - especially when i am not purchasing hardware. Why do i have to sign a contract? Who knows what my requirements will be in six months time or what better deals will be around. If their deal really is that good, why do they need to lock you in??
No connection or joining fees! You only pay for the service - there are no other hidden transfer or connection fees. So, if you try it for a month and then find a better deal - you haven’t lost a cent - you have just paid for what you’ve used.
Free ADSL modem! If you have your landline with AAPT, they give you a free broadband modem with your internet connection - and still no contract! Beautiful! Many other suppliers will charge you $129 plus joining fee - particularly when you are not on a contract.
Great rates! The land line plans have really good cap deals (eg $29 with $50 of calls, or $49 with $100 of calls or $149 with $500 worth of calls) and you get $10 discount on your broadband if you bundle your land line with them. We are on a 1500k plan with 15GB of download for $49 per month.
Great service! In the two years we have been with them, AAPT has provided brilliant service on at least 10 occasions (even when they didn’t have to - such as when we were having problems with our wireless broadband which was nothing to do with them!) and stuffed up once (which they finally got right on the next phone call). And their call centre is in Australia! In my experience of Telcos - this level of service is amazing!
No contracts! Did I mention this already? This really is such an important feature. How many people tell you about their crappy phone plan and then tell you that they are stuck for another X months? No contract is such a liberation! if you try it and don’t like it - move!
So, if you are looking for a better phone deal - it may well be worth your while checking out what AAPT has to offer.
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SEO: Free Training Videos

Search engine optimisation (SEO - the process of increasing the ranking of your website in search engines such as Google and Yahoo) is a difficult subject to grasp - it is constantly changing (as the search engines modify their algorithms) and their are lots of myths about what does and what doesn’t work. If you want to get high volumes of free traffic, then mastering SEO is vitally important.
I came across some great free videos yesterday that I reckon are really useful. They are from the video training website Lynda - you can buy a membership to Lynda for a month or a year which gives you access to all 19,000 training videos that they have on a myriad of computer-related topics. But, back to SEO!
One of the topics Lynda has videos on is SEO. They have over 9 hours of videos on SEO and you need to join up in order to see all of them. But, you can watch 7 of these videos for free! The free titles are:
2.6 MB
What is white hat SEO?
14.8 MB
What is black hat SEO?
10.1 MB
Get inside the mind of the searcher
11.5 MB
Keyword research
9.7 MB
Hubs and authorities
10.4 MB
So, head on over to Lynda and watch these free training videos on the basics of SEO. They will give you a good head start on your journey of mastering this important internet marketing strategy. For more information, visit webcare at

Got an Alfa or BMW?

If you have an Alfa Romeo or a BMW, then you will want to know about one of our favourite businesses in Adelaide: Eurosport Automotive. Peter Axford is the owner of Eurosport Automotive and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has been servicing my Alfa for 3 years and has always done a brilliant job. I first met him when I was considering buying an Alfa in 2004. I contacted the Alfa Car Club in SA to get a recommendation for someone to inspect a car I was looking at and they suggested Peter. I now know why!

To give you an example, I once had a major problem with my car after it had been driven by a Valet Parking Service. Peter inspected my car and wrote a letter in support of my claim for reimbursement for the repair cost. He also spoke with the Valet’s insurance company. He did this willingly, and without charge. Thanks Peter!

Eurosport Automotive has just relocated to a very convenient spot at Kent Town (107a King William St, phone 08 8362 2333). The team is friendly, informative, extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about Alfa’s and BMW’s. They also have a new website (built by WebCare of course at

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